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16 June 2010

Augmented Reality - Explained by Common Craft

16 June 2010

How to choose Keywords for Google AdWords

15 June 2010

Include Dynamic Charts/Graphs In Your Web site

Here's an example of the kind of chart you can easily generate in no time using the clever new Google Chart Application Programming Interface. We love you Google! The improved Google Chart API means now is the best time to include dynamic charts/graphs in your web site. Google Chart Tools

14 June 2010

FREE AdWords Crash Course

Get a FREE crash course on Google AdWords reporting tools.

09 June 2010

Twitter Search Widget Demonstration

We like the Twitter Profile Widget (on the right) so much we decided to do a quick demonstration of the Search Widget which displays search results in real time. For the demo we chose the search term "Battersea". What'd you choose?

03 June 2010

Redeveloping the News section

It's high time we redeveloped the news section to facilitate much more frequent updates whilst demonstrating the abilities of a popular Content Management System. Watch (or better still bookmark) this space for more news soon!

03 June 2010

Join Us on Twitter

We're planning to Tweet news, early prototype previews, carry out surveys and give away exclusive vouchers to our Twitter followers. Click the badge to head straight there!
Follow BatterseaNet on Twitter

25th November 2009

Join Us on Facebook

We've set up a Facebook page to keep you abreast of developments via the worlds favourite social network. Join us there for exclusive offers.

23 November 2009

Launch of our New Web site

The new site is intended to give you very easy access to our range of packages and options for Web site Design, Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration and our other services. We've kept the design reasonably simple and 'quiet' within our cool electric blue colour scheme and hope you find it easy on the eye. Our brief has been that you'd like quick access to key information such as the map with directions to visit us without being bombarded by eye candy. We'd welcome your opinions if you'd like to contact us.

21 September 2009

New Web Server Cluster Online

This week we rolled out the launch of our new Web server cluster. The new cluster now consists of individual servers mirroring each other as well as RAID disc arrays within each server mirroring data between multiple disks. The bottom line is that downtime due to server processor, memory or hard disc failure is a thing of the past. We've retained all the features you like and added some new ones whilst continuing to use the CPanel Control Panel software in conjunction with 24/7/365 support via the Control Panel. Having said all that we're always looking for ways to improve so this will not be the last anouncement.

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